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Welcome to the new home of mikehughescreative .I have decided it would be better if each discipline had it's own individual domain. Please use these pages as a jumping off point to the areas you are interested in.

Because your identity matters!

Corporate Identity development and logo design centres around defining and expressing the core aspects of how a company or product represents itself to its audience. An identity is the soul of communications, for this reason I have developed 'incognito' because I believe your business' identity is the most important commodity that your business can have. It is the public face that informs all levels of marketing and sales. Successful identity solutions, whether it be developing a logo, a name, or a whole system, are the result of understanding of core qualities and business goals and can dramatically help influence the way companies, products and services are perceived and valued. A good identity is not just a requirement . . . it is a neccesity!

Quality Creative Photography

When promoting your product or services in print or online, nothing can damage your reputation quicker than inferior photography. Mike is well qualified to assisting your business getting the right image for your requirements. Whether photographing in the studio or on location, or 'creating' images from other sources. Mike is also a Product and Advertising Photographer. His approach to product photography: listen closely to the client and provide the images to achieve that goal. Developing creative marketing images for advertising projects, or when your business requires high quality Portrait Photography, Mike will provide you professional photographic results regardless of the subject.

Original Illustrative Alternatives

For the times when a photograph or a single image just won't do! Mike has the experience and the imagination to create something that will work. Whether it be a illustration from a photo or a collage of photographs turned into a work of art, or a simple cartoon or drawing that will illustrate something in particular. Why not ask Mike what he suggests, he might come up with something you just never thought of!

More Information

Give Mike a call, It could lead to changeing your whole image for the better!

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